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Post Info TOPIC: sex education are good. but not work

sex education are good. but not work



I was perusing the web and saw this fantastic article about Japan’s attempt to make men enjoy using condoms more. That’s right, you heard me, the country wants men to enjoy using condoms. I actually thought, “Finally, something good for young men and women.” Then I started reading it.

“With bare skinned porn stars providing a negative example, Japan is trying new tricks to get men to put on condoms, making rubbers that are thinner, thicker or glow in the dark,” according to the article.

I wish I could attend one of these seminars. Sitting around a bunch of men whining about having to use a condom. “It feels better without one,” or, “Porn stars don’t use them.” Because according to Akira Tsukamoto, salesman at Japan’s top condom maker Okamoto, “Young men nowadays say they get more pleasure without condoms. They prefer not to use condoms because they see porn stars are not using condoms.”


The fact that a condom salesman is saying this makes me wonder if he’s working on commission. He went on to say, “Japan does not have full and proper sex education for students, they just believe what they see.”

Uh huh, believe what they see, from porn stars.

Now, I don’t know about any of you, but how often are you at the bank and your teller unbuttons her blouse, throws off her glasses and whisks you back into the vault?

By making condoms thinner, thicker, or glow in the dark, I don’t think it’s encouraging the country’s youth to say, “I can’t wait to see the look on my girlfriend’s face when she sees a glow in the dark penis coming at her. Not to mention, in a bank vault or on top of a Xerox copier. Hey, where did that funky music in the background come from?”

Japan had more than1000 new HIV or AIDS cases the year in question, according to the article. If the country really wants to cut down on diseases, don’t listen to traveling salesmen, put monies toward education. Develop organizations that present sex positively.

For Japan to agree to this silly plan is ridiculous. The article does nothing more than plug its condom companies and the products they sell. I’d be all for it if it concentrated on the disease rate, whether it’s AIDS or any other STD, or even the pregnancy rate.

You really want men to start using condoms? Have young men with children from different mothers talk to them. Have men with burning sensations when they urinate talk to them. Have men with penises that are blue and full of pus talk to them. Have men who itch their genitals continually talk to them. Have men with... I see you’re reaching for a condom.

So, I think Japan is on the right track, by addressing the problem. But, to be successful, the county needs to focus on the rights of what they’re attempting.

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